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"Choose a" Sites Guidelines
Get the most out of your traffic by Popping-up "Choosea Sites" on your site by using the script we supply you after you submit you site.

These are the Rules for the webmasters that want their site listed on "Choosea Sites". These Rules are intended to keep this list fair and honest. Please take the time to read through this and please understand that these rules are made to make this list fair for everyone who participates.
Failure to comply with these rules can result in a listing being removed or an account being permanently canceled. "Choose a" sites reserves the right to change or modify these rules at any time. NOTE: Banners must not be hardcore (no penetration or explicit sex at all! This is very important!). No Explicit sex whatsoever!

  1. All cheaters will be caught.
  2. You may open "Choosea Sites" in a full-size Pop-up window, text-link, or banner link.
  3. All banners must be served from your site.
  4. Hits may only come in from the listed site itself.
  5. Textlinks and banners may not be placed with the intention to confuse or mislead the surfer.
  6. Pictures on each Choosea site must be relative to that site, for example must be a pic of a butt, not something else.
  7. Text is not allowed on pictures on any choosea sites.
  8. No animated gif's are allowed.
  9. The Image you use for your banner and the description of your site must represent what is available in your free tour.
  10. NO AVS sites. This is due to the lack of content in an AVS site tour.
  11. You can have no more than 3 pop up pages on your site at one time MAXIMUM (preferrably only 2 or less).
  12. You are not allowed to pop up a choosea site in a window, and while the surfer is still there replace that window with another site. i.e. if you pop open chooseabutt, then later replace it with chooseaboobs.

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Please begin by choosing a "choosea" site to join from the menu on the left.